Event and Photography Permits

Can I hold an event in Iveagh Gardens?

Iveagh Gardens hold a small number of events annually. More than this would interfere with the conservation of this important historic garden. All events held at the gardens go through a procurement process, at least a year in advance. Contact us for further details. You can also check the matrix of uses for the types of events for which applications are accepted.

What documents are required for an event/ photography/ filming?

Before applying (by online form only), please remember that if you are granted permission to hold your event in this location, you must prepare to have:

    • public liability insurance to the value of 6.5 million euro in one instance with the Commissioners of Public Works named on the policy
    • an indemnity form will be sent to you after your application is received and all paperwork is in order. Download a sample indemnity form here.
    • a refundable deposit in case of damage to the Gardens, and in case of breach of conditions
    • an Event Safety Management Plan, a Traffic Management Plan, an Emergency Plan, Method Statement, and a Production Schedule
    • evidence of full consultation with statutory bodies, any residence groups, and adjacent institutions, well in advance of the event, and evidence of your meeting of their requirements
    • all music performances must be IMRO ( Irish Music Rights Association) compliant.

Download the Event Management plan in Word or PDF.

When should I apply?

Photoshoots require a minimum of three working days’ notice. Small scale events require at least four weeks’ minimum notice, and larger events eight weeks’ notice.

No late applications are accepted, and no provisional bookings are made. Once an application is received, a response can be expected in three working days. Application by online booking form only.

Can I get married in Iveagh Gardens?

You cannot currently get married or hold a civil ceremony in the Gardens. You may, however, wish to have your wedding photographs taken there. A permit is needed; just apply with at least three days’ notice. It does not cost any fee to have wedding photos taken in the Gardens.

A number of other historic sites cared for by the OPW are available to host your civil ceremony – click here for more details.

Does it cost money to take photographs or hold an event in the Gardens?


Wedding photographs: free.
Commercial photoshoot: €125 excluding vat per hour.
Charity/ tourism etc: €50 excluding vat per hour.
Filming: price on request, and will depend on size and location.
Event: price on request, and depending on size and location.
Fitness type classes: €15 excluding vat per hour per class, and there is a max of fifteen per class.

Payments are by electronic means only.


Matrix of Uses


Event Safety Management Plan

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